No Offense to other realties that I've worked with...but Maura was the best.

No offense to other realities that I have worked with in the past but Maura was the best. All the normal realtor stuff, she had down. She knew the market, all the processes, etc. Then Maura really starts to shine. You want to know what to do to get top dollar for your home? Maura not only knows what to do but she is right there with you mowing the lawn, painting walls, moving furniture and pictures. When we got our brochure, it didn’t look like my house that I was selling, it looked like a house we wanted to buy. Maura was amazing throughout each step of the process. I cannot recommend her enough. - L. Ramirez, 2021

She is truly ONE-OF-A-KIND

I would like to give a shout out to the BEST realtor in town.
My neighbor was selling his house a while back and I saw this woman at his home all the time ( Maura ), always doing something. When I found out she was a realtor I was SHOCKED! I kept her name tucked away just in case. Well, that day came and I called Maura Dekker. She truly is ONE-OF-A-KIND.
She works with you like your family.ALWAYS has a smile. My whole family really likes her. She staged my home beautifully. Sold it for more than list price! THANK YOU to my selfless, kick-ass, bend-over-backward advocate of a realtor, Maura !! I got SO LUCKY with you. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Remember her name future home sellers MAURA DEKKER . - J. Sweet, Poway 2020

Never Met An Agent Willing to Work So Hard...

Maura was unlike any agent I've ever encountered. She provided fantastic input on how to stage and prepare our home to get top dollar. She had many contacts for local contractors and service providers to perform small updates and repairs to prepare our home for sale.

Maura provided her own staging furniture at her cost, would do touch paint herself. She was incredible. I've never met an agent willing to work so hard to ensure a home was sold for the top dollar it deserves. - R. Waddle, North Poway 2019

Highly to Recommend

I can't say enough good things about Maura. She was extremely helpful and very responsive. She was there every step of the way, rolling up her sleeves and pitching in whenever necessary. She had great suggestions on what we could do to improve the appearance and appeal of our home. Her staging was impeccable and I know she is the reason we had multiple offers within a few days of listing the home. We ended up selling for above asking price and couldn't be happier. I highly recommend using Maura Dekker. She is a gem! S. Brooks, Poway 2019

We Got a Top Price for Our Condo, and I Credit Maura

Maura is amazing. She did a beautiful job of staging our condo at no cost to us. She has a good eye for what sells and made really helpful suggestions for changes we could make to get a better price. Plus she’s super nice and easy to work with. We got a top price for our condo, and I credit Maura.
C. Pugh, Rancho Bernardo 2019

She Was Superb

We recently sold a condo using Maura Dekker as our agent. I can hardly say enough good things about our experience with Maura, for she was superb. She single-handedly made the process virtually effortless. She was a great help in getting the place ready to show, recommending what needed to be done and helping us find the people to do what needed to be done. She also did a tremendous job staging the condo (at no extra cost), so it looked like someone lived there. In short, Maura did an incredibly wonderful job and without a doubt, I would sell through her again. T. Simpson, Rancho Bernardo 2019

Has Resources to Solve Most Homeowners Issues

If you want Quality, Professional, and a Good Listening Skills, Maura Dekker is the Agent for you! As if that isn't enough, she stages beautifully and has resources to solve most homeowners issues when selling or buying! Thank you, Maura! - J. Duncan 2020